Illustration of a Swordfish

The most common place to find swordfish is around structure, mostly in depths of 1,000 to 1400 feet at night and 1,500 to 2,000 feet of water during the daylight hours, near and on the bottom. Night time swords are usually targeted using glow sticks or battery powered lights just a few feet above the bait. Dead squid, mackerel, or live blue runners are the most common baits. At night, a 50 to 80 class reel is ideal with a 25 to 30 foot leader. Use 250 to 300 pound monofilament line attached to 60-80 pound main line. A great way to learn how to swordfish is to attend The Swordfish Seminar for Everyday Heroes put on by Brett Holden and The Booby Trap fishing team. Log onto their website at www.boobytrapfishingteam.com to learn more.