Weed Line

Photo of a weed line

Fishing weed lines in any water depth can produce a variety of different fish. Weed lines in shallow water tend to collect bait fish that attract ling, mahi mahi and tripletail. Weed lines in deep water tend to attract plenty of bait and larger pelagic fish like marlin, tuna and wahoo. When fishing weed lines you always want to pull baits on the cleanest side possible so you have less work removing the sargassum from your lines. Here is also a helpful hint when fishing an area that has a lot of weed lines, bring a few boxes of frozen shrimp with you. Take the frozen shrimp and toss them out at each dense section of weed line. The frozen shrimp will float on top of the water and attract predators that would not normally come to the surface to feed. Also, be sure to watch your sounder and look for suspending fish deeper in the water column. Use lead-head jigs to work the whole water column and not just the top few feet.