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Rik Jacobsen started jetty fishing with his dad at a very young age. When Rik was a teenager his dad bought an offshore boat and started a course in Riks life that would eventually change the game for the Texas Offshore Fishermen. He remembered what the old salts would tell him when he asked where they caught the sow snappers he saw at the cleaning tables. They would say something like “off the back of the boat kid” or “in the water”. It was at that time that he told himself he would do it differently someday.

After Rik started to publish his book, he spent an average of 150 days per year on the water helping fishermen become better fishermen. His website, books and DVD has helped thousands of fishermen over the years.

When Rik became ill, he was concerned on how his legacy would live on. He needed to pick a protégé that he could trust and the protégé he picked was Tom Hearring. Rik and Tom spent a lot of time together in Riks last year of life. They went over every aspect of how Rik wanted his business to continue. When Rik passed away he willed his business to Tom and Scott Hunter. Together they will continue Riks legacy of finding offshore structure and putting fisherman on fish.

Rik not only taught us how to be better fishermen, he taught us how to be a better person. He would often say that every fisherman he met was a good guy and Rik was no exception to the rule.
Rik will be greatly missed by his family, friends and the fishing community but, the legend of Rik Jacobsen will live forever.



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By the time our wakes crossed, Rik was already a legend along the
Texas Gulf Coast. After decades of prowling the shallow bays, I had
shifted my sights offshore and Rik was instrumental in setting up my
electronics. We were fast friends and I followed his teachings to
target and harvest a variety of snappers, amberjack and groupers. If
all you take from this book are tips and numbers, you have missed the
mark. To feel and sense Rik’s deepest love of all who fish, is the
spot that storms and time cannot erase.

–Scott Markowitz “Magic Marko”

I thought after a few decades fishing the Gulf of Mexico, we had this fishing thing figured out. My Brother Troy came to me one day and said he has heard about this Rik Jacobson Guy. He is supposedly the Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Legend. So I agreed with Troy to have Rik come to the boat and see what knowledge he could share. Rik rolled into Port Alto around 9am on Sunday morning. I still was not sure about this guy and what he knew. We visited about some common friends and then it was show time. Within the first hour, what I thought I knew about the Gulf, was stuff he learned probably in first grade!! 6 hours later, I realized this Great Man by the name of Rik, was a Gulf of Mexico Master Fisherman. Sad to say shortly after our introduction, he became ill. We visited on the phone periodically, but never got to spend time roaming the Gulf looking for that next hot spot. He has taught myself and many others how to make all your trips very memorable and productive. When I roll up on some the great spots Rik shared, I cannot help but wish he was there with us.

Mike Prasek, Jr.
Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse